Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend was rather uneventful, really. Steve played basketball, I went for a walk, we cleaned the house...and oh yea, some creepy guy tried to come into our house.

This is how it went:
Steve and I are lounging on the couch, watching television and trying to adjust to the fact that it was 5:00, not 4:00 (stupid time change!). Someone knocks on our door and it's this just-barely 20-year-old lookin' kid. He hands Steve a roll of paper towels and asks if we have a few minutes to take a survery. Begrudgingly, we say yes. About this time, I notice a beat-up, champagne colored minivan with an older gentleman in it parked in front of our neighbors house. Well, this 20-something goes up to this van, pulls a long cardboard box out of the back and starts walking back to our house.

I shot Steve a "WTF is going on?" look and he made me go inside. This kid then proceeds to tell Steve he needs to come in for a few minutes and set the demonstration up in our kitchen. Steve says no. The kid starts to get defensive and say "Aw, bro, you said you'd take the survey. Now if I could just come in for a minute, it won't take long." Steve says he can't come in the house. He throws every excuse at this guy: We're about to leave. We work hard all weekend and just want to be left alone on a Sunday afternoon. We have a large dog that likes to hump people (we don't, actually). NOTHING was working!!

So Steve eventually gives him back the paper towel and tells him he's just not interested. The guy goes on and on "Man, bro. I'm trying to work hard too and you don't have 5 minutes? My boss really needs people and their opinions, bro" Steve says he does on the porch, not in the house.

The kid takes god-knows-what in the cardboard box and stacks it back up in the van. At this time I'm looking out the window getting the license plate number. I notice that there are four different Abercrombie & Fitch reject looking boys combing the houses on the block. I see them ring the doorbell, hand homeowner paper towel, walk to van and get cardboard, walk back to door, stand for a minute, walk back to van with said cardboard and go on to the next house. I HAVE SMART NEIGHBORS!!

No one lets those guys in. The van didn't even have hubcaps! We called the HOA who ended up calling the police. The police patrolled the neighborhood for the guys but didn't find them.

My husband is somewhat of a salesman (albeit, not door-to-door) but give me a break! You interrupt my peaceful SUnday afternoon to either
1) have some fake shit in a box, we let you in, you rob us.
2) throw something on my carpet or sofa or whatever and watch the magic whatever you're selling get it out.

Moral of the story: Don't call my husband "bro". You'll get nowhere. :)

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