Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rough Day

Any time I have a rough day or feel down I will now play this video and laugh my butt off.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


People who say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" have obviously never tasted my mint brownies. That is all.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Magazine Friday

I have a slight problem with hoarding magazines. I presently am the proud owner of 5 magazine subscriptions and I pick up at least two more at the store weekly. I have a vested interest (okay, an obsession) with celebrity gossip and food magazines. My obsession is so great The Hubs and I now have what we endearingly call "magazine Friday". Every Friday Hubs gets home from work and we load of Munchkin, head to Target Boutique and I peruse the weekly magazine rack. I get excited to see what selatious stories the tabloids have cooked up this week. You may think it's juvenile and crap but it's my weekly escape into a lifestyle none of us will know. Do I condone paps hounding celebrities and their families, no. But without a vested interest in their personal lives, half the celebrities wouldn't have a career (Kim Kardashian, anyone?) I do think many of them are silly. I frequently read an article about someone or read a quote they said and launch into a diatribe to The Hubs about why this particular celebrity is an idiot/egomaniac/not talented/shouldn't be famous. I hate the Kardashians (and I'm not one who hates them but still watches their ever-growing number of shows), think the divorce rate is disgusting, am annoyed by a vast majority of them, and have somewhat of an emotional attachment to celebrities I deem nice people despite being in showbiz. Not every magazine makes the cut either. In respect to the celebrity weeklies, I absolutely put my foot down if the cover story is something I know to be an all out fabrication (Brangelina weds! Jen Aniston says "leggo, I'm Preggo"! There was a secret Twilight Wedding!) Also, if the same story is on three covers I buy the "OK!" magazine. I deem "OK!" to be the most reputable of the more trashy celebrity magazines. The list goes as follows: "Us Weekly" (which I subscribe), "People Magazine" (which I SHOULD subscribe to but never got around to), "OK! Magazine", then "In Touch" and "Life and Style" are neck and neck, and "Star" brings up the bottom. I also subscribe to Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Food Network Magazine. With The Munchkin I have very little time to read the magazines I love let alone the ones I subscribe to so there's a large stack of unread magazines in our guest room. I look at it as something for our guests to read in their room since we have yet to hook up the t.v. in that room. I get around to reading them once in awhile. More on that later. So there you have it; why Friday is just a little sweeter for me.