Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It it plegm or flem?

Everyone around me lately has been sick; people in my van, people at work, people in stores. It's terrible. And to top it off, I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and a lady in my van is a smoker. She has a cig right before getting in the van so every commute home, my throat starts to get scratchy and my eyes start to itch.

Do you ever have that feeling like your lungs are on fire and your throat is closing up? Pretty picture, eh? Well that's what I feel like right now. Between the cigarette smoke and the fact everyone seems to have the flu, I'm trying desperately to ward off the cold I seem to be getting.

I will be damned if my three day weekend turns into a sick weekend.

<-----Screw a flu shot, I"m getting myself one of these

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