Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Card

This is funny to me because we all know those people. Every time they have a status update it means they have to profess their undying (read: gross and lame) love to the person they are currently dating. You know what I'm talking about! Every single time it's something along the lines of: "Sally is totally in love with Josh" "Sally has the best boyfriend ever" "Sally can't wait to be with her adorable boyfriend again" "Sally's boyfriend is the hottest guy ever!" Well, Sally is probably scaring Josh off with her insanity!

And after a few days of reading these declarations of love you really just want to poke something sharp through your eyes so you don't have to read it anymore.

Great, you love someone. Wonderful, you finally found someone to put up with you long enough to date. But for the love of everything holy, do you need to plaster it all over your Facebook and subject everyone to your crazy stalker ways? In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: "Gosh!"

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