Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dog's Pup Comes to the Rescue

Duane Chapman, better know as "Dog the Bounty Hunter", was recently scrutinized when a racist, hate filled voicemail he left for his son was released. Dog used the "N" word several times and told his son that he better stop dating his black girlfriend because if she hears them use the "N" word then she'll turn them in and they'll lose their show...among other things.

Once this was released, Dog was, of course, incredibly remorseful. He was sorry for saying those things, he's going to consult with his (black) priest for forgiveness and threw around Hawaiian words for inner peace.

According to TMZ.com, one of Dog's other sons (he has 9 children) has come to the Big Dog's rescue by saying that his father is definitely NOT a racist.

"My dad's not a racist man, if he was, he would have no hair, he'd have swastikas on his body and he'd go around talking about Hitler."

Um, no little pup. That's what we call a Nazi. A person can be racist against a certain race, sexual orientation or gender without being a Nazi. But maybe that's not the "Aloha" way since Dog seems to be so up on his Hawaiian culture. Ya know, being from Denver and all.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Worst Kept Secret in Hollywood

So Christina Aguilera has finally admitted she was preggers. Two words...no....shit. I thought she was just getting fat, but apparently I was wrong. Duh!! Of course she's pregnant. But I admire the fact she didn't hide it and hide it, it's her prerogative to not announce it to the world the second she finds out. Good for her for breaking with the Hollywood norm.

J.Lo on the other hand actually DENIED being pregnant even though her washboard abs have gotten a little soggy lately. She better HOPE she's pregnant or she's getting fat....fast. Her husband, who looks like a crack addict by they way, has denied the pregnancy several times. So has his rep. Looks like someone needs to inform the father-to-be that his wife is preggers. And this will be numero quattro for him, from three different women.... classy.