Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Gets Your Goat

When you set the DVR to record something but the previous show run 2-3 minutes long, thus making you miss the last 2-3 minutes of your recorded show. Urg.

Friday, September 02, 2011


Sometimes I hate owning a house. Yes it affords stability for your children, a nice place to call home, I can paint/hang/destroy/change anything I want, not care if the cats scratch the stairs. However I'm sick to death of sinking money into homes I know I'm not staying in for very long.

Moving in order to get promoted with The Hubs' job means we know we're probably not staying in Michigan forever, probably not even for two more years. Hell, maybe not even for ONE year. We were always planning on renting when his company moves us places but here in the Detroit area it's cheaper to rent not to mention there's no chance of being evicted from a rental we pay for every month.

Hindsight is 20/20 but man-oh-man we should've just rented. We were told the water damage in the basement was old and it had since been fixed. After the first major rain storm we found a small lake in our storage room in the basement so apparently fixed means "it's your problem now, suckers".

There's a small tree growing out the top of our chimney. Yes, a tree. At first it was funny, then the chimney guy told us the tree is a symptom of a MUCH bigger problem and basically "bend over, here's the bill".

We love our house, we do. But for every specialist I have to pry my wallet open for I love it less and less.