Saturday, December 03, 2016

Chicken Casserole

This girl eating her great grandma's famous chicken casserole recipe, and loving it. The same great grandma whom she is the spitting of; the same great grandma who I am the spitting image of.

The same chicken casserole that was both me and my sister's first solid food. The same chicken casserole Munchkin's great grandma made him the first time we visited her in New York when he was 7 months old.

The same chicken casserole eaten for years sitting around the table too many times to count with her and Grandpa, the Grandpa who passed away 6 years ago today and set into motion a chain of events that changed us forever.

Every bite I take, every bite Bitsy scarfs down, makes me cry a little more. Years of fond memories wash over me as I watch something I know my Grandparents are watching from heaven, my Grandmother smiling seeing another generation being raised on her special recipe.

All of this from one bowl of chicken casserole (minus grandma's secret ingredient).