Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NY Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I drove my pregnant butt to New York for my first baby shower. On the way there I went through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. It took about 6 hours and the drive was GORGEOUS! I was jamming out to my mp3 player and barely noticed the time.

On my way!

Welcome To Ohio!

Progressive Field (aka where the Indians play)

Awesome Fall colors in Ohio

Funny story in Ohio: I stopped to get lunch at a Burger King in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. I ordered my food and handed the cashier my card. She looks at me like "what is THAT thing?" She gives me a blank stare...I say "um, it's a Visa." She proceeds to tell me they don't take cards right now. Say WHHAAA? You don't take cards right now? No, the card machine wasn't broken, they seriously didn't take cards at that moment in time. Alright. Then the guy behind me asks for a number whatever with a large onion ring and the biggest coke they have. And not just onion rings, "Uuuuuunion rangs." I'm sorry, did I take a right at Michigan and end up in Alabama?

Then I forgot to get a picture of the Pennsulvania sign. :(

Welcome to New York!

We had my shower at this great place called Lemoncello. They had amazing sandwiches and the desserts, OMG, they were to DIE for!! I would gladly drive all the way back to Rochester just to get lunch and dessert there again. Yum-o!

One of the super cute onsies Beth got me!! She lives in Maine, so lobster onesie is perfect from Aunt Beth. :)

Beth helping me with the hoards of tissue paper. It was so wonderful seeing her.

Gifts, gifts.

And more gifts!

I didn't get any pictures of just Beth and I though :(

I got to see my Grandpa which was a little hard but I'm very glad I went. He has advanced Alzheimer's and dimentia and it's hard to see him like that but we had some nice moments that made me eternally grateful that I went.

On my way home I went through Ontario Canada because supposedly it's supposed to be faster. In not so many words, it wasn't. After I got through customs it ended up being the exact same amount of time but with the added annoyance of having to sit at customs for 30 minutes each way. And then, it was especially fun trying to breeze through myself with a Colorado license plate, Michigan driver's license and coming back from a baby shower in New York. I got a few extra questions and they rifled through my bags of gifts. It was a lot harder to get back into the U.S. than it was to get into Canada! The customs agents asked me what I had in the bags and it took all my energy not to be sassy with him and tell him it was my illegal drugs. That's all I need, getting my pregnant ass arrested at the Canadian border for mouthing off to Border Patrol!

Niagra River.

Welcome to Ontario

Canada, Baby!

Almost Back to the U.S.ofA.

Bridge to the U.S.

U.S. Canadian Border

Welcome to the back to the U.S. and Michigan!

I had so much fun seeing my family and some old friends again. The baby got some amazing gifts and Mandi and her mom spent way too much on him!! But I loved every second of my time there and forgot how much I miss New York.

Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Weeks

Here's my belly at 21 weeks. It's crazy how big I'm getting so fast! My muscles are stretching and sometimes it feels a little tight. I read that between now and labor my rib cage will expand by 2-3 inches, good lord!! I need to stop reading pregnancy books I think. I know it's supposed to help you know what to expect but it's really just starting to freak me out!

It's starting to be that time in the pregnancy where things really start to happen. You can start feeling Braxton Hicks (which is false labor), your belly really starts to grow, you start to feel more and more tired, etc. etc. The baby is basically fully developed but things just need to mature and he needs to put on weight. From here on out, things start to get serious but closer to having him in our arms.

I've been feeling him kick inside me for a few weeks but this last weekend it has really picked up. He kicks pretty hard two or three times a day, usually in the morning around 10, sometime in the late afternoon and then again about 10 at night. This weekend something pretty cool happened though; we felt him kick from the outside! The first time was right before I fell asleep and it was absolutely amazing. I almost cried because it's amazing to feel him from the "real world" not just in the womb. He's a big kicker and every once in awhile he gives me a swift one. The Hubs has even been able to feel it which has been nice. It's crazy!

So it was almost right at 21 weeks we were able to feel him from the outside of the belly.

Things are starting to progress!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

LOVE This Song

I love Brad Paisley, always have. Steve and I always go see him when he's in town and I just love, love his music. I was listening to his CD, "American Saturday Night", today while I was unpacking the DVD's, and this song came on. I was sobbing and cry every time I think about it. :) (in a good way!)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I can't believe I'm writing this post but I actually follow Dancing With the Stars this season. Feel free to hang your head in shame. I detest "The Situation", I think Jennifer Grey is awesome and I actually like watching Bristol Palin because she's adorable.

I think working from home is starting to get to me! I need to get out more, haha!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pizza Today

The Hubs and I tried this new pizza place near our house. It was a Chicago-style place which isn't my favorite. We got pepperoni and artichoke but the longer it's been since we've eaten the more I realize I should've ordered pepperoni and Tums pizza. Sometimes pregnancy ain't so grand.