Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Don't Know Hot!

In case you haven't noticed, it's been unseasonably hot for Colorado. Today it should get pretty friggin' close to 100 degrees even though the average high is 88. Nice, eh?

Hubby and I don't have airconditioning; I know, it sucks. What we do have is 17 different fans blowing around any given room we happen to be in. This only helps when the air the fans are blowing around is cold. It's not. So basically it feels like we're in a sauna...with fans.

We can't get a window ac unit because our HOA won't allow them. They think the units are ugly. So apparently it's much better to have homeowners in the neighborhood die of heatstroke than have to see those grotesque ac units in the window.

I'll tell you what's grotesque. The fact that it's so hot in the house my neighbors think it's acceptable to parade around outside in next to nothing is grotesque. Let's take a vote:
Who wants to look at overweight, middle-aged married couples parade around in nothing more than boxers and a sports bra?
Who wants to look at an ac unit while basking in 75 degree air from inside?

That's what I thought.....

You Can Call me Moneybags

I paid off my student loan today! Can I get a "whoop whoop"?! Thank you college for making me poor but the jokes on you, I win!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Diggin'

I'm totally digging Duffy right now. She has such an original voice and doesn't sound like the stupid crap out there right now. No rap, no super synthesized bullcrap that makes the singer sound good when they're not, no actors pretending they're singers too.

Enjoy :) This isn't the song she's "known" for but it's one of my favorites.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

That's right folks, today starts the 2008 All-Star game! It's being held at Yankee Stadium because the bastards are tearing it down to build a new, fancy stadium that looks old. Makes sense, right?

They're tearing down the house Ruth built for god sakes so let's all say goodbye watching a bunch of all-stars who (hopefully) aren't doped up play each other in a game that doesn't matter.

The Rockies have friggin' sucked lately so hopefully this break will help and our two all-stars don't get hurt because god forbig someone ELSE end up on the DL, sheesh!

Sprained Paw?

So my little baby Pali has a sprained paw. You may wonder, how does one sprain their paw? Well, my cat will find a way. The poor girl's paw swelled up to three times the size of her normal paw. In hindsight, it looked hilarious! But she couldn't really walk very well and just kept laying down because her little paw hurt.

BUT! Her paw isn't swollen anymore and hopefully whatever she did to sprain it won't happen again :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank God!

This has been the strangest, longest, weirdest week. Thank god for weekends.

Pregnant Man?

So about 6 months ago, news broke of "The Pregnant Man" who is really a woman...sort of. This woman became a man. I am all for this, nothing against it what-so-ever. If you think you were born into the wrong body then do whatever you can to feel comfortable. I think it's great this man could physically change his body into what he feels is the correct gender. He was able to legally change his gender to male and legally marry a woman who accepts his for who he is. That's wonderful.

The couple then wants to have a child but the wife couldn't conceive for whatever reason. This is where I start do disagree. The couple then decides since the husband still technically has a uterus, they would inseminate him and he can carry the baby for the couple instead of paying a surrogate.

Excuse me?? How is it okay to use the lady parts when it's convenient? You became a man, period. You can't become a woman again when it's convenient. If you're living as a man then be a man and all that entails. If you don't feel you're a woman then you shouldn't take advantage of the female parts.

THEN, on top of that he and his wife are whoring out their story, going on Oprah and now a company has just bought the rights to a documentary on the family. Give me a break. You're not a pregnant man. It's not a biological man becoming pregnant. It's a transgendered man using the convenience of a uterus he otherwise didn't want or need.

Are you a man or women? You need to choose one and stick with it. Period.