Saturday, December 04, 2010


My wonderful, crazy, loving Grandpa Dave died from Alzheimer's last night. June 6, 1926-Dec 3, 2010. You will always be master of the tummy drum, the greatest carver in the world and make the best darn pancakes a girl could have. You made us laugh by making up silly songs with your own words and always knew your way was best, even when that meant destroying Dad's tent so you could get maple syrup out of the tree with the pole. Beth and I spent hours with you "carving" in the basement, even though you gave us something no sharper than a butter knife.

You were the best grandfather two little girls could ask for. You were one of few who survived Iwo Jima with little more than a scrape from a tuna can and your family is utterly greatful for that. Your lessons will be passed on to your Great Grandson who will be here in a matter of two months. He already has your ears and hopefully some (but not all!) of your spunk.

Alzheimer's finally took you away fully but we loved you every second and we know deep down in there you loved us with every drop until your final breath. Nothing can take away a love like you had for us and us for you.

Goodbye Marine, you served us well and we are all better people for knowing you.

Love you and miss your for always,
Your KatyBug