Friday, October 12, 2007

Things I'm Thankful For

I know Thanksgiving is the time you're supposed to give thanks, but with so many people bitching about stupid things I feel the need to say what I'm thankful for. So many people have so much and yet they bitch about the things they don't have.

I'm thankful for the tiffs I have with my husband because it means I have him and he loves me even when I'm sassy and difficult. It means he loves me because of my imperfections and will stand by me through thick and thin.

I'm thankful for having a little meat on my bones because it means I have enough to eat.

I'm thankful for my 90 minute commute to and from work, each way, every day because it means I have a good job. Or a job, period.

I'm thankful for my mortgage payment because I adore my house and it means I own a piece of the great city that is Ft. Collins.

I'm thankful for sore feet because it means I have uncomfortable, yet stylish, shoes on my feet. :)

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hollywood Comes to Denver

Eddie Murphy is filming a new movie in Denver called Nowhereland. It's about a money manager whose career is falling apart. Apparently he takes solace in his young daughter's imginary world of Nowhereland. That's pretty much all anyone will say about it.

Filming was on 17th Street between Market and Blake today. I know this because I work on 17th in the area and was trying to take my daily walk to Union Station (off of 17th and Blake) when I was stopped by a film crew. I stayed to watch awhile and it was very interesting. Maybe growing up in Colorado I'm a little naive about the movie making process and being around sets. There were extras standing around for 20 minutes just to get a 5 second shot of Eddie driving up 17th street in a silver mercedes coupe (being pulled by a film truck). I DID see Eddie though. That's the first time I've actually seen a "real" celebrity; other than local sports celebrities and what not.

The film isn't set to be released until Fall of 2008 but I'll go see it. It's interesting to watch movies that have been filmed in a city you're so familiar with!

Britney's Children Taken Away

Yesterday a judge ordered Britney Spears to hand her kids over to ex-hubby Kevin Federline. The judge granted K-Fed temporary full custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James due to Brit-Brit's failure to comply with any orders the judge sent her. She was supposed to take random drug tests a few times per week; she didn't. She was supposed to enroll in parenting classes; didn't do it. She was not supposed to drive her kids around unless she had a valid California drivers license; doesn't have one.

I know she must love her kids but a part of me wonders if she's almost relieved her kids aren't her responsibility right now. It's pretty clear she's had no real adolesence or childhood. She never got to do the things wild and crazy 20-something's get to do. She was very impulsive, got married young, had kids young and was not emotionally equipped to deal with those things. Yes, she loves her kids but it seems like she just wants to be a 25-year-old with no attachments.

Case-in-point: She drops her two boys off at K-Fed's lawyer's office and then is spotted later shopping, getting Starbucks, smiling, and then checking into a hotel. I'm sorry but if my hypothetical children were taken away from me, I would be devastated. Then again, nothing that has to do with Ms. Spears is normal.

Will K-Fed getting custody finally open her eyes or will it just be something else in the long line of crap that Brit-Brit got herself into. In the words of Britney Spears (made up by, "Ding Dang."

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Playoff Time (almost!)

So I wrote an article about what's going on with the Rockies. If you live in the Denver area, you've probably noticed an increase in traffic and Rockies clad crazies. If you don't know why, read my article at

This is crazy for Rockies fans! We haven't been to the post season since 1995, only two years after we officially became a team. Two years BEFORE we even got Todd Helton...yea, that long ago. The players have really come together to fight for this and hopefully it pays off tonight against the Padres.

I have to admit: I ditched out on work for a few hours to go to Rally Monday in front of Coors Field to get pumped up for the game. I listened to a great band called Opie Gone Bad ( and watched highlights from this past season. I must admit, it gave me goosebumps! I can't believe baseball season is almost over. It seems like it just started. I remember like it was yesterday the day AFTER opening day. Me, my husband and a few family members went to the game and it was FREEZING!!! i didn't have any socks because I came right from work so I had to buy $9 Rockies socks from the gift shop. Most expensive socks I've ever bought!!

The Phillies won the NL East! This is the first time they've been in the post season since 1993. Steve was so excited, so was I. The energy coming from the fans on television was amazing, almost brought tears to my eyes. It's that time of year again! Hearts are breaking and someone else's dream is coming true...