Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What Does a Degree REALLY mean?

I am happy to admit that I am a college graduate. Not only do I have my diploma but I earned it in 3 1/2 years. I was in an honor society and had extremely educational internships. All the sweat, tears and stress was going towards a better future for myself and my family.

I got a job right out of college that paid a pretty good salary, it just happened to be being an administrative assistant. That was fine with me because I got to do a number of different things besides being the assistant. I got to dabble in Investor Relations and was trusted with those relations by the President/CEO of the company.

When my husband got transferred to the Vail Valley I got a job as an assitant at a non-profit music festival. I helped with PR (which is my degree), accounts receivable, ticketing, event planning and patron relations. I got a great amount of experience in many different fields.

However, now that my husband was transferred back to the Denver area I'm finding it extremely hard to find a job. I have a degree and experience in not only my field but many other fields as well.

I've discovered that having a degree is just one step in the process. I have the degree but not a ton of experience. All the jobs that seem to be open right now require having 3-5 years experience in whatever the field is or it's not something I'm interested in.

I feel as if I'm not qualified for anything when in actuality I really am. There are a lot of jobs out there but I don't want to be an admin assistant anymore! Is it so much to ask to have my degree and actually get a job that's worth my time? I have no problem being an admin assistant but I want to be a person in the office getting the phone calls not routing them!