Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Numero Tres for today

Wow, three blogs in one day. Apparently I'm not keeping myself busy at work!! I digress.

I believe in tit for tat. Since I'm obsessed with celebrity gossip in the form of magazines and online sites (thank you Perez Hilton) I decided I needed to balance out all the trash I read with something that will expand my mind as well. I chose to read more books.

I love to read and I always have. So starting this past January, Steve and I got crazy and got library cards! I know, we're thrill-seekers. So far I'm averaging two books a month. That doesn't mean I read one every two weeks; some only take one week, some take longer if I'm busy or the book is not as easy to get through.

Research has shown that people who read more books have a better vocabulary and are more worldly. However, that doesn't apply to people who only read ONE type of book, or read mostly Chick-lit. I happen to read many different kinds.

This next statement is going to sound nerdy and I admit that. I joined this cool website called where you can track all the books you've read, all the ones you want to read, write what you thought about a particular book, etc. It's neato :)

So far this year I've read:
Confederates In the Attic
The Nazi Officers Wife
A Mighty Heart
The Memory Keepers Daughter

I'm currently reading:
Class Matters- It's a book of essays that ran in the NYTimes about different classes in the US and what that means for health care, education, offspring, etc. Very interesting.

As you can see my tastes are all over the place :) And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

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Anonymous said...

Class Matters is such a great book! If you want any other recommendations for books similar to that one let me know. :) I love your blogs, so great!