Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My View

This is my view for the last 2 1/2 days. The Sinus Infection from hell that won't go away is still hanging on and I haven't left my bed for almost 3 days. Little Titleist won't leave the bed either, he's keeping me company. It would be nice to smell...or breathe...or taste. I can't breathe, my ribs hurt from coughing and I'm hoping my antibiotics start kicking in soon.

Damn you sinus infection and being pregnant at the same time. I can't take anything to unstuff my head, I just have to sort of take it.

Two 1/2 days and counting...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Letter

Dear Cranky-Pants Across the Street-

When you yell at your teenager in the driveway, I can hear you. When you come wadling out of your house to angrily drag in your trash can, I can see you sulk all the way out to the curb and all the way back to your house. When you try to gun-it down your driveway to make it out to the street before me, you make me laugh. When I wave in the mornings and you pretend you don't see me even though you're basically 15 feet away, I won't take it personally even though I'm as big as two people right now.

Thank you for making my day more entertaining.

-Your more cheery neighbor

The Neighborhood

Our street during a beautiful Fall day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Official...

I can no longer see my feet.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I wonder...

So I'm starting to wonder where all the pregnant ladies in Detroit are. I'm starting to grow out of my non-pregnancy clothes so I'm on the hunt for some maternity clothes. I've been on the look-out for some cute, not super expensive stuff and the normal places have almost ZERO maternity section!

Target generally has some cute maternity stuff but the Target here has literally one wall of maternity stuff. Same thing goes for Kohl's and JCPenney. How is this possible??

My question is where are all the pregnant ladies, what do they wear and where do they shop?? UGH!

23 Weeks

Here's 23 weeks. I'm not sure it looks super different from the one before but he IS growing. He's about 15 inches from head to toe now and weighs about a pound and a half. I can't believe it, he's getting so big! Only about 4 more weeks and I'm into the third trimester which is astounding. He's kicking away in there and has turned into a little wiggle worm in there recently. He plays a little game where he kicks back if you push on my stomach which is super funny...well, to us anyway.

I've been feeling pretty good but a little anxious about what's to come. My hips are starting to hurt more and it's harder to sleep. It's harder to get off the sofa, roll out of bed or be on my feet for a long period of time. I know that after about 26 weeks I'm really going to start growing and things will get much harder.

I leave tomorrow for my Colorado shower and I'm super excited. I'm ready to see all the friends I haven't seen in a few months and ready for some chat time with girlfriends!