Monday, September 27, 2010

Earlier Belly Pics

Since I haven't been able to post belly pics in the past, here you go.

5 Weeks, just after we found out.

7 Weeks

11 Weeks

19 Weeks

Here's my belly at 19 weeks. It's really starting to get bigger but I feel like I've actually lost weight. You're supposed to be super hungry during this phase but I'm really not hungry very often.

So far I've had cravings but nothing too strange. At first I was so nauseas all I wanted was buttered pasta with Parmesan cheese. It was like heaven in a bowl and I had it all the freakin' time. I brought it to work one day for lunch and all I could think about all morning was the pasta with butter in the fridge. Around 10:45 I decided I really hadn't gotten much done due to thinking about lunch and 10:45 was close enough to lunch. Heaven, I'm telling you.

Then for about 7 weeks I could not be around a vegetable. I couldn't hear the word, see a vegetable, smell them, anything. The grocery store was like a war zone for me and Steve had to go alone or we raced through like Speed Racer.

Now I can't get enough bagels with bacon and egg or fresh fruit. I could live on bagels and fruit, OMG. Iron Chef was having Battle Pineapple last night and I almost had the Hubs drive to the store at 11PM and buy me some freshly cut pineapple. Yum-O.


Not sure what is more disturbing: the fact that you don't have to parody this because it's so freakin' lame or the fact that it's set to the Macarena.


The CEO of Segway died falling off a cliff, riding a Segway. Sounds like an article in The Onion but, alas, it is true.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Well there have been some changes in our household. First and foremost, we're having a baby!! And we just found out today we're having a boy :) I'm going to have a son. We're keeping his name under wraps but we're calling him Little G Man for now. I'm 19 weeks along and have had a pretty painless and easy pregnancy so far. The first trimester was a little rough but more about the pregnancy later.

Big change number 2, the Hubs and I moved to the Detroit metro area. Hubby got a promotion at his job and they transferred him to Detroit. We bought a cute house built in 1940 in a suburb about 20 miles west of Detroit. So far we're loving it here. It's a great mix of midwest and east coast and it makes us very close to our NY relatives and friends.

Since the baby news, we've decided I'm going to work from home with my freelance writing so I can relax the rest of my pregnancy and then be home with the baby. Also, I've always wanted to be a writer. Being an executive assistant was just a detour in the career arena.

More later, with pictures!!