Thursday, March 06, 2008

Basketball and Such

Steve and I went to the Nuggest/Suns basketball game last night and in short, it rocked! Those are my two favorite teams in the NBA and I was in awe of Steve Nash, Shaq Daddy, Grant Hill and Stoudemire! I've never seen any of them in person and it was awesome. The Nuggets schooled the Suns and it was a very exciting game. Except for one thing.....

I had a chatty Cathy next to me. I was not surprised...let me give you some back story:
My dad and Steve have a joke that it never fails, no matter what sporting event we're at the annoying people who don't watch the game and gab the whole time are always next to or near me. It kills me because then all I can focus on is their convo. At one particular Rockies game, there were a few single women sitting in front of us and they were talking very loudly. I found out the blonde one was getting divorced and just wanted to go out, get drunk and screw someone. Well, that's lovely.

Anyway, at the Nuggets game, Miss Chatty McChatterson was on, what I'm guessing, was a second or third date. She got chinese food (it was Club Level) and proceeded to talk the whole....freaking....time! I learned about Kaiser Permanente, everything there is to know about Buddy Passes at Winter Park, some lawyer friend, "how dumb people can be", and just how annoying her cackling voice/laugh can really be after 45 minutes. I felt for the guy, I really did. But it's HIS fault she was there. That is, until there was a really great play on the court, I yelled (yay! woohoo!) and then got a dirty look from him like I was interrupting something with my yells.

Well excuuuuse me! I thought I was at a very exciting game but maybe I was wrong. I didn't realize the ENTIRE arena was there to cater to your date gabbing about her braces when she was 15 years old. Maybe I should just sit here quietly and pretend the world revolves around you. Would that make you feel better??

Anywho, Steve switched spots with me at halftime to put me out of arm swinging distance and I could focus on the game a little better. The Nuggets won, yay! So it was a nice late anniversary date :)

<----Game Action!
<---Steve Nash warming up.
<--- It's go time!

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