Friday, February 08, 2008

Steve's New Job and other things

Here's a little background: For the last 6 months, Steve has worked for Anheiser Busch in their non-alcoholic division. I know you're probably saying to yourself, "He works for a beer company and sells juice and soda?" The answer? Yes. Don't ask me why.

Well, the point of him working there is to get his foot in the door to eventually get his own territory as a beer merchandiser. A few things happened in between now and then, and to make a long (and confusing) story short, Steve is now the West Fort Collins beer rep. Woohoo! But there goes my free soda and juice hook-up....damn.

Steve tells me that now being on the beer side means he has to trade in his company car, a Pontiac Vibe, for a different one. FYI, the company car is parked in front of our house as Steve drives it to and from work as well. The conversation went as follows:

Steve: I have to give the Vibe back.
Me: Why? It's still the same company.
Steve: I don't know. Because they told me to.
Me: So what do you drive now?
Steve: Well....
Me: Well what?
Steve: It's a white van.
Me: Like the ones serial killers drive??
Steve: Well.....yea. But this one says Budweiser on it! (in a tone trying to tell me that's a good thing) And if we ever need to move something that won't fit in the car, we have the van.
Me: Like a body?
Steve: Yea, or like ten. And beer will still fit too so we can booze it up after we make the drop.

Yes, my husband is a comedian :)

<-- not the van he drives but that's what I'm envisioning.

So yes, we will have a white Budweiser van parked in front of our house. If you ever come over, instead of giving you directions I will just have you look for the van. I wonder what the HOA will have to say about it. They always have SOMETHING to say about everything it seems.

But congrats to the hubby for getting a promotion and FREE BEER! If we ever come over to your house, you know what we'll be bringing. (Beer, not bodies)

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