Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update with Mrs. Wonderful

So this was a little bit of a rough weekend. Things have been stressful in many parts of my life for the past week or so but I've had to remain "up"; pretend like everything was fine, push on, push forward. When the weekend came, not only did I crash physically but I crashed mentally. I had a minor setback with my depression and needless to say it wasn't a very relaxing weekend for me or Steve.

So now it's Monday and I'm both physically and mentally exhausted and need nap....or another weekend! But it's going to be another long week and I'm trying desperately to not take the unpleasantness out on Steve because it's not fair to him.

Other things that are going on:

Another one of my friends informs me last night about 8:30 MST (10:30PM NY time) that she's getting a divorce. I wasn't even going to call her back last night because I was content laying on the sofa watching Extreme Makeover:Home Edition but I sucked it up and called her. It's a long, confusing, not-sure-I-have-all-the-facts story. Basically 6 months before she was married, her now-husband joined the Marine reserves against her wishes. Now he's delpoyed to God-knows-where as a sniper. She cheated on him. It was a long conversation but it needed to happen for her to get it off her chest and just say it out loud.
This on will be interesting. Who needs television when I have so much drama with my friends?

Other stuff that's NOT so depressing:
I switched VanGo's a little over a week ago. The new one is MARVELOUS! It picks up in Loveland and goes straight to Denver. No other stops! I've been getting home about 6:15 every night which makes a huge difference from the 6:45 it used to be. Plus I don't have to be around Bitchy McBitcherson anymore. The new van chit-chats but a lot of people sleep or read. Ah, I love it.

Since I get home a little earlier now I've decided to either walk when I get home if it's nice out or work out to FitTV if it's dark or cold. Since I have a little more time on my hands now and motivation, I'm trying to get back into shape; into a shape that isn't round :) Disclaimer: I know I'm not fat but I could be in better shape and have been in better shape. I would just like to tone up and eat healthier.

That's all for today :)

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