Thursday, May 03, 2012

Nailed It

I love freshly painted nails. I'm a stay-at-home mom right now and I do try to look nice most of the time...but let's face it, some days I just throw on track pants and a shirt that smells fine,throw my hair into a ponytail and call it good. Some days I put on makeup, other days I don't even bother. However, I always try to have my nails done. I feel like even when I may look like a schmuck, at least my nails are nice. There's just something nice about having nicely done nails that makes me feel put together and fancy. I'm always on the hunt for new nail polish and new colors. This week I tried Pure Ice brand in Kissy Kiss. It's only $1.50 a bottle but it does chip pretty easily. Last week I bought Essie No-Chip Top Coat and I was a little skeptical about how much it would actually work, or how much better than a normal top coat. The Pure Ice usually chips pretty fast, within a day or so. With normal top coat I get an extra day or so out of it, but I usually get no more than 4 days of unchipped nails. Here are my nails right after I did them with Kissy Kiss and Essie No-Chip.
Here's a full week after.
Keep in mind I did several rounds of dishes, bathed a toddler and scrubbed the kitchen. I'm impressed with the No-Chip and it's definitely worth the $8 it costs.

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