Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phoenix Photos

The Hubs and I went to Phoenix last month and I'm just getting around to putting up some photos. We had so much fun! We absolutely adore Phoenix and already want to go back.

We drove there; a harrowing 14 hour drive. We got through it by watching seasons of "Friends" on the laptop and spending quality time together. We went hiking, went to a Diamondbacks game on Memorial Day, ate great food, drove around the different suburbs. It was wonderful.

Entering New Mexico!

The landscape along the way was breathtaking. This one is in New Mexico.

We drove through a wicked nasty storm in Flagstaff on the way to Phoenix. It was hailing and pouring and lightening bolts were everywhere. It was insane how different the mountains of Flagstaff are compared to the desert heat just two hours away in Phoenix.

Steve and I in front of the fountains in Glendale. The Jobing.Com Arena (catchy little name, right?) and University of Phoenix Stadium have this little oasis surrounding it with shops, restaurants, movie theatre, outdoor fun, etc. We spent several hours there just enjoying.

We ate at the Glendale oasis at a Japanese place called Kabuki. This is our calamari and edamame appetizer. Both very good!

This is our sushi: California Rolls, Phildelphia Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls. YUM!!

We drove up to Surprise for a little house hunting (wishful thinking). After several occasions of seeing people tooling around in golf carts, I just had to take a picture. This bad-boy was parked in front of Fry's (king soopers, basically). If you look closely, it even has a license plate.

Part of the Glendale oasis area.

Chase Field on Memorial Day

Chase Field sells sliced caramel apples. I get one every time we're there.

My hubby and I with the field.

Happy Memorial Day!

Military troops holding the flag while the National Anthem is played.

Us at the field again.

Steve is obsessed with college baseball. ASU has one of the best college baseball teams in the country and they just happened to be playing while we were there. The stadium is gorgeous and we sat in the general admission area. It's all grass and families come with coolers and blankets and chairs and just picnic while watching the game. It was so much fun.

On the way home, we had to drive over this huge pass because we skipped New Mexico and came home through the Four Corners. It was 97 degrees when we left Phoenix and when we got to the pass about seven hours later it was a blizzard!

Beautiful Arizona Landscape

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