Tuesday, June 09, 2009

FYI, I'm Not Stupid

I understand that Steve and I have been married over three years. I also understand that, according to most people, that means we need to hop on the baby train.

But you need to understand that I'm not an idiot. When I say I haven't been feeling well and my stomach has been upset, don't look at me with raised eyebrows and ask if I'm pregnant. I think I would know if my queasiness had anything to do with pregnancy and you can bet that if there's even a remote possibility that it could be, I probably wouldn't be just casually throwing it out there.

You can count on two things:
1) If I were pregnant I wouldn't coyly say "oh gee, my stomach hurts and my period is late. Hmm, wonder why? (pause for dramatic effect)"

2) When I do get pregnant, I'll be smart enough to keep the pregnancy symptoms out of regular conversation until we plan on telling people.

And this blog post does not include my mother. Since she is the woman that went through 23+ hours of labor with me, she reserves the right to ask if I'm pregnant any time she wants.

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