Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger lately. Things have been crazy busy since early August with my sister getting married, my company has been in chaos and Steve and I have been doing more things to the house.

Beth's wedding on September 6th went pretty well. Besides dodging hurricanes, her photographer quitting two days before the wedding and a potential speeding ticket, things went relatively well. Beth and Erick got married around sunset on Fort Myers Beach. It was beautiful, minus the fire ants :) I kept my composure during the actual wedding but turned into Mrs. WaterWorks during my toast. What can I say? I'm a sap.

This is the view from the gazebo the reception was held at. They got married right in front of it. It was gorgeous and very relaxing.

My beautiful sister and her husband after the wedding at sunset.

This cake held up like a champ. We picked it up at 10am and realized it wouldn't fit in the fridge in our hotel room. We placed it in front of the ac and cranked it up. Then at 4:00 we had to bring it to the wedding site and the poor thing sat in the 95 degree humid Florida weather until 8:00 when Beth and Erick cut it. It fell apart shortly after their ceremonial cake cutting.

This is my new brother-in-law (left) and his best man Wilson. Wilson was teaching Erick how to dip Beth the night before the wedding on the beach.

It's a crab!! I know, it's lame to get so excited but come on; I like in Colorado, I don't get to see little crabs running around on the beach!

Besides all that, it was nice to see my sister and get to hang out with her and Erick for awhile. I made friends with some of her bridesmaids and I think the best time I had the whole vacation (besides seeing my one and only sister get married) was the night before everyone left to go home. Brandon, Heather, Andrea, Dustin, and I sitting on the beach behind my hotel. It was really dark at the water line and the only light was the moon and stars. We all dragged pool chairs out to the water and sat right at the line so our feet got wet. We talked and talked until around 2:00 am. It was lovely :)

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