Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I finished my first whole book since Graham was born and it felt great!
2. I'm so sick of this dry heat we've been getting in Michigan, ugh.
3. I refuse to buy new clothes until I've lost the baby weight.
4. Television in the summer sucks, Netflix has become my new best friend to do chores to.
5. I'm ashamed to admit the other night when I felt something wet on my side where Graham was sitting, I was relieved to find it was only puke.
6. I can't wait for Fall.
7. I might want a tattoo.
8. I'm pissed the phone cover I bought cracked when I dropped my phone...on carpet...from two feet off the ground.
9. Graham looks like a jarhead because his hair is only coming in on top.
10. I love my Saturn Vue.

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