Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday (TWO days late)

Whoops, two days late this time!

1. I really need to start focusing on working out now that Graham has a more predictable napping schedule.
2. I'm so glad it rained all night!
3. I believe the "shake weight" is so phallic there's NO WAY the makers of it didn't realize it when they started the marketing.
4. My banana bread didn't turn out well.
5. I need a vacation.
6. I'm bummed I missed ladies night.
7. I want to read another book.
8. My neighbor's 100-year-old tree broke and half of it fell down yesterday. It made the loudest noise and it's quite impressive. Good thing it fell in the yard!
9. I'm annoyed with my touch-screen phone.
10. I'm mad Steve got to go to Fenway.

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