Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Things Tuesday

1: We took Graham to the Detroit Zoo for the first time on Sunday.
2: He loved the penguins.
3: I hate not having sprinklers and having to hand water everything.
4: I'm craving doughnuts.
5: I love hamburgers on the grill and tater tots for dinner.
6: I wish I had more time to read books again.
7: Somehow I actually miss getting up and going to work sometimes.
8: I'm excited for our first playdate tomorrow with a lady I met through a baby class.
9: I love my house but we need more space...badly.
10: I miss my old friends this week more than normal.


Brian said...

Not to be critical, but I think #2 should actually be 1(a).

BTW, your old friends miss you too!

Mrs. Wonderful said...

Everyone's a critic. :)