Monday, May 23, 2011


Who steals someone's stuff?? I woke up yesterday morning to find my purse inside out on my porch. That's never a good sign. Then I realized I'd left it in the car...which we accidentally left unlocked. Graham was throwing a fit when we got home from the grocery store and it slipped our minds because we were busy trying to settle him back down. He's teething and sometimes he can be a handful.

Anyway, some assholes went around the neighborhood last night stealing people's stuff and unfortunately that was the night we left the car unlocked and the purse in there. They stole my wallet and digital camera but left the rest of the purse, which is weird. Luckily my ID and debit card were in a different wallet in the house but they got my credit cards, rewards cards, library card, gift cards, appointment reminders, business cards for other people, etc. PLUS, the memory card in my digital camera had about 2 years worth of photos on it, including some photos from the NICU. :(

It just breaks my heart and makes me so mad at myself. But I guess when you're a mom things just slip your mind. The cop taking the police report said if she had a dollar for every time she left something important somewhere when her kids were little she wouldn't have to be a cop. It just sucks. There was no cash in the wallet and the camera would probably only sell for about $25. I want to just tell the thief "F*^$ you! Next time you come to steal my stuff, let me know. I'll slip a $20 under the door mat and you can have that; it'll be worth more than what you stole. And give me my memory card back, asshole!"

Why do people do stuff like that? How incredibly rude. Sometimes, I just hate people.

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