Friday, April 03, 2009

We're Going To......

Kansas City! Wa, wa, wa...I know; not exactly the most exciting place on Earth but it was good enough for Dorothy!

The hubs and I are going to Phoenix at the end of May but decided we needed a quick get-a-way to tide us over for two more grueling months. Kansas City is only 8 hours away and it just happens to be Opening Weekend for the Royals. Coincidence? I think not.

So we're taking a four-day weekend over Easter and driving our butts to Kansas City. But first, we are going to Opening Day at Coors Field. I'm a little torn about this for several reasons:

1) I'm so happy it's finally baseball season again!
2) I've never been to Opening Day and it's something every baseball fan should do.
3) Opening Day is chocked FULL of non-baseball fans. Opening Day is ripe for bandwagon fans and people just looking for the thrill of saying they went to Opening Day; this is the reason why tickets for Friday are basically sold out but Saturday is wide opened. Oh well :)

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