Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News Flash!

Here's a news flash for ya... NOT EVERYONE IN VAIL IS ON VACATION! Sorry, just had to get that out.

Every morning, while I drive to work, I get stuck behind the shiny car with the Enterprise rental car sticker on it. This person goes about 15 MPH under the speed limit while they gaze out the window at the mountains and summer-green ski resorts.

Yes, I understand that this is an extremely beautiful part of the country. Large mountains, clear skies and green valleys as far as the eye can see. I live in this valley and I get to see the beauty everyday. No one should be deprived of taking it all in.

However, I should not be deprived of getting to my office on time either.

Note: If you find yourself driving through the Vail Valley and want to absorb the beauty of this land, PULL OVER and enjoy it while the residents that actually have jobs try to get to work.

Thanks :)

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