Monday, July 10, 2006

The Hunt for Baby Suri and mom Katie Holmes: Mission Impossible?

Within the past year Tom Cruise has found a “magnificent” woman, stared in yet another action movie and has become a biological father for the first time. Coincidentally his fabulous life-altering experiences coincide with his box office hits (or flops!). It seems every time his name starts getting out of people’s thoughts and off magazine covers something happens to make him turn up again.

While he was promoting his then-upcoming Mission Impossible III he was whisking a hot, young starlet around the world. He proposed and felt the need to announce it at a press junket for his movie! When hype for his movie started to wane the “happy” couple announced they were expecting a baby. After his movie hit the big screen and box office earnings were lower than anticipated, reports were circulating about a silent birth and an adult-sized pacifier for Ms. Holmes to bite down on during child birth.

Now that little Suri has graced the world with her existence her name isn’t the only thing drawing speculation. (It was announced her name meant princess in Hebrew which turned out not to be the case.) It’s been about 80 days since Suri was born and still no picture of her anywhere. Other celebrity children born around the same time have already been photographed many times, as their parents are proud and want to show them off. Not only baby Suri but mom Katie Holmes has also been out of the lime light ever since.

This has gotten some people to speculate everything from Tom Cruise trying to get back on magazine covers to the notion that Holmes wasn’t really pregnant and the whole thing was a sham. Many women who have had their own babies say that even at nine months pregnant, Holmes was carrying the baby too high in her abdomen to look real.

And notice how Holmes never really talks. She didn’t release a statement after her daughter was born and when she actually is out in public, glued to the side of Cruise with her perma-grin on, the only words she ever utters are, “Everything is great. I’m happy.”

“How’s your new movie coming?”
“Everything is great. I’m happy.”

“How are you enjoying being a mother?”
“Everything is great. I’m happy.”

“Do you support public nudity?”
“Everything is great. I’m happy.”

Although, to me, one thing is sure; Tom Cruise is only looking out for Tom Cruise! He’ll do anything to stay “young and hot” and in the press. Though I don’t quite understand one thing; Tom and Katie want their baby and their wedding plans (if there actually are any) to be so secret, yet the entire time they were traipsing around Europe and he was jumping on day-time T.V. couches they were more than happy to let the whole world into their life.

What changed?

Follow up: I just read that TMZ has obtained a copy of the birth certificate for Suri Cruise. The hospital she was born at requires one to be filed within 10 days of birth, her's was 20 days later. The hospital official that signed the certificate wasn't actually in the room when Suri was born but if the doctor is not available then she is authorized to sign instead. What's also puzzling is the fact that federal law requires a parent or representative to sign the birth certificate. The ilegible signature is categorized as "friend" not parent. The only reason they apparently decided to finally file the certificate is because little Suri needs a passport and can't get one without a birth certificate. Things just keep getting stranger!

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