Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Two Year Difference

I'm trying to focus on the positive today with so much other hate and hurt happening in this country.  Two years ago we were spending our son's first Christmas in the NICU, no signs of the happy holiday it should be except for his red and green knit hat and a light-up snowman my mother had sent.  No cute Christmas outfit, no visit to Santa.

Two years later and we're celebrating this wonderful holiday with our two-year-old who is a walking, talking, goofy, happy little man who loves to shoot hoops, chase his kitties and do absolutely anything outside.  We went for a walk in the snow which he adored as evidenced by his constant squealing and kicking feet.

He opened presents with gusto, actually pausing to see what was under the paper and in the box.  He chowed down on Christmas dinner and watched "Toy Story 3" while eating popcorn.

I'm the mother to an amazing little man and every Christmas, every day, I witness a miracle and give thanks to God  he's blessed us with this little man.

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