Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Just Lucky I Guess

There are all sorts of scary things that go along with people who have had HELLP Syndrome.  Clotting disorders, autoimmune problems, heart disease, and inexplicable high blood pressure are all lovely side affects that can come along with the syndrome.

I've had some testing done in the spirit of having all the facts before The Hubs and I decide to have another baby or not.  Do I have these clotting disorders or autoimmune disorders that may have led to Munchkin's early delivery?  Do I have some underlying condition that makes me predisposed to HELLP Syndrome?

Blood test after blood test, doctors visits, sticks, pokes, and a chat with the OB later reveals......


Nothing at all.

They didn't find anything that lends itself to HELLP Syndrome or Pre-Eclampsia, at least what they know of those syndromes.  I'm a perfectly healthy woman of child bearing age that, for all intents and purposes, had no reason to develop these life threatening diseases.

I'm just lucky I guess.

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