Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Catastrophe

The fam and I put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (no earlier, people.  no earlier.).  We broke 10 ornaments, two of us were bleeding and Santa got decapitated.

A box broke open and 8 balls fell out and broke on the floor.  G-man picked up two more balls and bashed them together (like he does with his wooden toys) and the ornaments shattered, cutting his hand slightly.  So 10 balls shattered, one person bleeding.  I rushed over to make sure he didn't step on the shattered ornaments and I ended up stepping on the shattered ornaments.  So 10 balls shattered, two of us bleeding.  I put him in the living room to sift through a box of not-ornaments and he picked out a foam and velvet Santa.

G-man ends up leaving Santa in the kitchen where Hubs promptly steps on him and his head pops off.  Santa's head, not Hubs's.

So that's 10 broken ornaments, two of us bleeding and one beheaded Santa and we hadn't even made it to the living room yet!!

'Tis the Season.

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