Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wanna Be My BFF?

How do you meet friends when you're new in a city, stay at home with your young child and don't really know anyone but your neighbors?  I've been to some groups and didn't meet anyone worth the effort of extroverting myself for (yes, I verbed extrovert).  I met a few people on BabyCenter and one was absolutely fabulous (!!) but then her husband just HAD to take a better job in Ohio.

There are women in my neighborhood I see taking walks with their children roughly Munchkin's age but unless we all show up to a neighborhood event, how do I invite someone to a playdate without seeming like a completely creepy stalker-mom?

For example, Munchkin and I are sitting in the living room playing with stickers and I see a mom stroll by with her little one.  How do I approach her?  I think tearing out my front door chasing after them yelling "do you want to hang out?!?!" is probably out of the question.

And when I pass one on a walk when we're on a walk?  How do I just stop her cold in her tracks and ask them over without her thinking "wow, this woman is desperate"?

Le sigh.

Do you want to be my friend? :)

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