Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NICU Twist to Sandy

New York University Hospital Langone Medical Center relied on generators to keep the power going to sustain the 200+ patients they were caring for during Hurricane Sandy.  When these generators started to fail, the staff needed to get the patients out to hospitals unaffected by the power outtage.

These patients included 20 NICU babies, several on machine-run respirators.

The valiant NICU nurses unplugged the babies, grabbed manual breathing masks and physically breathed for the babies while they evacuated.  The nurses jumped on a stretcher and cradled the babies while pumping oxygen into their undeveloped lungs while being wheeled to safety.

The very thought of that brings tears to my eyes.  Then I saw this picture.

And the tears were no longer in my eyes.  This may be one of the most moving pictures I've ever seen.  There are no words. 

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