Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Evil Tax Man

I hate...let me repeat that...HATE tax season. I'm married with a home, a little retirement, no dependents. Basically, I should just about break even every year. However, I'm also a freelance writer and make some money doing that. It's not really enough to blip Uncle Sam's radar if I don't declare it but I'm an honest person so I do.

So apparently being honest really screws you. My hubby and I ended up paying the federal government $300 this year. Yes, I know that's better than thousands, but are you flippin' kidding me? I bust my ass all year with an hour and a half commute to a job so I can pay mortgage on my house and bills and a few luxuries I afford myself; we're already paying more in taxes for the SECOND $700 billion "stimulus"; Colorado just passed a law to add MORE taxes onto car registration; And you're telling me I owe the government MORE money??

I'm glad my $300 will go towards individuals who made bad decisions by buying a home when they couldn't afford it. I'm glad my $300 will go towards teaching kids how to live green in the midst of people losing their jobs by the tens of thousands, but at least we'll be green. I'm glad my $300 will go towards buying OTHER people out of their own greedy mistakes.


megan said...

If you haven't already paid, send them to Brandon! He is the tax man. It runs in his blood with his grandma who is a tax advisor and his dad who worked for H&R Block. He can find a way to write off just about anything! :)

kara said...

wow. i couldn't agree more