Friday, November 07, 2008


I'm a big reader. Plain and Simple. My local library and I have a very close relationship :) I heard about the book series Twilight quite awhile ago and never got around to reading them. However, now that there's so much hype for the upcoming movie, I'm tempted to start reading them. It's about teenage love and technically a young adult book. Oh yea, and one of the main characters is a vampire. Ya know, the usual. :) But I hear so many people raving about it I have to admit I'm very tempted to pick it up.

Although knowing a smaller-town library they probably only have two copies: one of which has 87 holds on it and one of which is lost.


Trace said...

I'm getting pulled into this Twilight hype too! I'm not into vampire books AT ALL and would usually feel stupid reading a book geared towards teens - but now I'm considering reading these! I don't know what it is?! And my library sounds EXACTLY like yours!!

Mrs. Wonderful said...

Trace, I know what you mean! I went and checked out "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and the library the other night and felt ridiculous in the teen section! Haha, I'm sorry your library is lacking as well. Guess that's what I get for living in Northern Colorado.