Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I must admit it, I watch and love One Tree Hill. I started watching it with my old roommate, Adam, in college and have watched it ever since. Some people may think it's silly but the writing is just the right amount of seriousness and hilarity.

One of the characters is Haley played by Bethany Joy Galeotti. She's a used-to-be-singer on the show and she's got such a unique and amazing voice. She releases songs on the cd's the show makes. The video below is her most recent track and I love it!

Just thought I'd share :)

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Trace said...

OMG I LOVE OTH too! I even got my husband addicted to it! It's such a soap opera but I really enjoy it. Anyway I think Bethany has a great voice and I really like that song too... =)