Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Don't Know Hot!

In case you haven't noticed, it's been unseasonably hot for Colorado. Today it should get pretty friggin' close to 100 degrees even though the average high is 88. Nice, eh?

Hubby and I don't have airconditioning; I know, it sucks. What we do have is 17 different fans blowing around any given room we happen to be in. This only helps when the air the fans are blowing around is cold. It's not. So basically it feels like we're in a sauna...with fans.

We can't get a window ac unit because our HOA won't allow them. They think the units are ugly. So apparently it's much better to have homeowners in the neighborhood die of heatstroke than have to see those grotesque ac units in the window.

I'll tell you what's grotesque. The fact that it's so hot in the house my neighbors think it's acceptable to parade around outside in next to nothing is grotesque. Let's take a vote:
Who wants to look at overweight, middle-aged married couples parade around in nothing more than boxers and a sports bra?
Who wants to look at an ac unit while basking in 75 degree air from inside?

That's what I thought.....

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