Friday, July 11, 2008

Pregnant Man?

So about 6 months ago, news broke of "The Pregnant Man" who is really a woman...sort of. This woman became a man. I am all for this, nothing against it what-so-ever. If you think you were born into the wrong body then do whatever you can to feel comfortable. I think it's great this man could physically change his body into what he feels is the correct gender. He was able to legally change his gender to male and legally marry a woman who accepts his for who he is. That's wonderful.

The couple then wants to have a child but the wife couldn't conceive for whatever reason. This is where I start do disagree. The couple then decides since the husband still technically has a uterus, they would inseminate him and he can carry the baby for the couple instead of paying a surrogate.

Excuse me?? How is it okay to use the lady parts when it's convenient? You became a man, period. You can't become a woman again when it's convenient. If you're living as a man then be a man and all that entails. If you don't feel you're a woman then you shouldn't take advantage of the female parts.

THEN, on top of that he and his wife are whoring out their story, going on Oprah and now a company has just bought the rights to a documentary on the family. Give me a break. You're not a pregnant man. It's not a biological man becoming pregnant. It's a transgendered man using the convenience of a uterus he otherwise didn't want or need.

Are you a man or women? You need to choose one and stick with it. Period.

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