Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mom Problems

It was a long night the night before.  Every hour on the hour Munchkin would wake up absolutely inconsolable, crying, running nose, blubbering.  He'd had a bad dream and needed snuggles and a book.  The next hour he woke up blubbering and wanted his Dada...except Dada is out of town.  We call Dada on speakerphone and he helps sing Munchkin to sleep.

When I get out of Munchkin's room for the third time in 3 hours, the light in the living room was off.  Thinking it was a burned out bulb I go to the linen closet for a new bulb and the light in the hall won't turn on.  No problem, just a blown fuse somewhere.  I go flip the breaker; nothing.  I try a few other things; nothing.

I call my dad.  He tells me to turn off all switches one by one, maybe the switches are mislabeled.  One by one I turn things off and turn them back on.  Still nothing.  Then I smell burning.  My heart starts to race and I mention it to my dad.  Turns out my neighbors were having some random late night bonfire which, strangely enough, isn't that unusual.  Crisis averted, my house isn't on fire.

After about 20 minutes nothing has worked.  Oh well, guess a call to the electrician will go out tomorrow.  During this time, Munchkin has heard me puttering around and is awake again.  Wonderful.

My mom calls during this time; I'm frustrated, sitting in the dark in the living room with an extension cord to the other side of the room so I can keep my computer plugged in.  Could I go upstairs? Yes. But my DVR is in the living room and I was watching something.  I explain the situation for her, she asks if I have something plugged in tot he bathroom outlet and if that little button tripped.....uh, never thought of that. Sure enough, SUCCESS!!  In the meantime, Munchkin has passed out.

He was up and fussing every few hours all night so neither of us got much sleep.  When I finally get him to nap in the afternoon he goes down pretty easily.  An hour into his nap I'm wrapping a package for my sister and need scissors.  I then realize the scissors are in Munchkin's room; I'll just creep in real quiet and get the scissors, they're just right on the changing table.

I creeeeeep in making sure I don't step on the places that creak loudly.  I grab the scissors, start to back out and WHACK!  Right into the door which makes the loudest noise possible.  F*^@!  Munchkin immediately wakes up and bolts right up.  I freeze.  It's 130 in the afternoon and my first reaction is to freeze like I'll blend in with the surroundings and he won't see me.  No such luck!  Oh well, guess it's time to get up.

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