Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Weeks

Here's my belly at 21 weeks. It's crazy how big I'm getting so fast! My muscles are stretching and sometimes it feels a little tight. I read that between now and labor my rib cage will expand by 2-3 inches, good lord!! I need to stop reading pregnancy books I think. I know it's supposed to help you know what to expect but it's really just starting to freak me out!

It's starting to be that time in the pregnancy where things really start to happen. You can start feeling Braxton Hicks (which is false labor), your belly really starts to grow, you start to feel more and more tired, etc. etc. The baby is basically fully developed but things just need to mature and he needs to put on weight. From here on out, things start to get serious but closer to having him in our arms.

I've been feeling him kick inside me for a few weeks but this last weekend it has really picked up. He kicks pretty hard two or three times a day, usually in the morning around 10, sometime in the late afternoon and then again about 10 at night. This weekend something pretty cool happened though; we felt him kick from the outside! The first time was right before I fell asleep and it was absolutely amazing. I almost cried because it's amazing to feel him from the "real world" not just in the womb. He's a big kicker and every once in awhile he gives me a swift one. The Hubs has even been able to feel it which has been nice. It's crazy!

So it was almost right at 21 weeks we were able to feel him from the outside of the belly.

Things are starting to progress!

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